A British couple celebrates 20 years of marriage on Thanksgiving

He drinks through a straw, she does not.

We take a moment to congratulate Millie Wenner on her 20th wedding anniversary.

She may not sound like she’s living it up, but Millie Wenner and Paul Nathan Wenner may be among a new breed of culinary southern bellees who have married on Thanksgiving.

Trace their marriage to the 16th century, when women were not granted the right to vote. Or, possibly, in the 20th century, when fashionable hippies and hipsters ruled the streets of New York. And during all that time, Thanksgiving was being used in the United States to sell products that you would not want to mess with. (Our 3D printer has a Thanksgiving moment in our store right now).

Ten years after their first “date,” Paul, a creative types who grew up in a family of journalists, courted his future wife at an elegant gala thrown by the British Embassy. “I was dressed in a black-tie tuxedo. He wore a very smart long sleeved shirt and black trousers,” Millie, a curatorial assistant at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, recalls. “He went with a point of view. He was expected to look cool and smart and pleasant. I was quite a sober, serious person, a very pleasant person but I didn’t dress in a black-tie manner and I don’t think he did either.”

Fast forward to this week, when Millie and Paul celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary at the latest of their many reunions of “kids of UK guys.” The Instagram-sized pic has over 250 likes since posted over the weekend.

While the fall day went perfectly according to their plans, the wedding cake wasn’t exactly covered in boughs of holly. The chocolate tart shell was decorated with a mouse, not a pine tree. And there’s an odd trend of Brits throughout the years giving each other pearls, not love. For years, Fox has been known to wear a pair of pearl earrings that neighbors have named after his wife, Frances.

That said, the Wenners got the chocolate dish and the scraps, and the muscly fella didn’t even offer them his hard-earned kisses.

“He looked lovely, quite charming, with his long gray beard and slicked back hair. He was a very gentle, considerate, passionate guy,” Millie remembers. “He’s more of a gentleman than I am. He just walks away.”

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