Amazon is turning every American city into a mall

Idris Nelson of Alexandria, Louisiana, is a 36-year-old environmental leader with a lot on his plate: As a pastor, he’d love to steer his flock away from single-use plastic while also encouraging them to plant more trees. But he works at Amazon, which wants people to shop from the Amazon Go convenience store without going to the store at all. A lot of people love that idea, but Nelson and other critics think it’s a good idea to make shopping quick and convenient, even if it means clearing some of the healthy, greenest space in cities like Alexandria. Nelson is a former biotech professional turned environmental engineer who was ordained as a pastor. In this video from The Wire, he argues that his job now is to bring people together to make sure that responsible tech companies like Amazon can work with a diverse group of people, before it starts eroding things like public parks and creek beds.

Read an earlier article in The Wire about Lutherville on Maryland’s west side:

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