Ancient message found in sandstone in Doha landscape, says report

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Conceptual art projects are being reported near Doha as Palestinians and Turks meet with a ‘message of peace’

Tribal elements carved into the Doha desert are puzzles and symbols left by the travellers who made their way to the mountain-ringed enclave, a report has claimed.

Arabiya, a news channel, reported on Friday that at least five nine-metre (30ft) high concrete stones with inscriptions were being found in the desert area just under the border with Saudi Arabia.

The figures, seemingly mystical from the writings that can be seen on their upper surfaces, were an unmistakable attempt to find solutions to the great problems of our day, Al Arabiya reported.

The inky pattern are supposedly from statues called qawwalis (the Arabic word for seer) believed to have worshipped extraterrestrials and hold wisdom for communication with them.

Qawwalis were believed to have travelled to Earth on UFOs and sent messages from outer space to landers who landed on Mount Seef in Qatar.

The rocks are thought to depict the visionary writings of a historian named Shahid Karim Qawwalili.

The picturesque mountain-ringed town of Doha (an Arabic acronym for the country) is surrounded by mountains and boasts a distinctive mosque with intricate tilework and four minarets.

Doha’s nomadic traders first built up the property between the 13th and 16th centuries, when the town emerged as a flourishing metropolis.

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