Carolina Hayride: Brantley Golf Course

By Patrick Stevens

What a gorgeous time of year to visit the Fort Bragg area in North Carolina. September and October are the perfect spots to check out the award-winning golf courses at Waterville Golf Club and Brantley Golf Club. On the course, look out for the annual “People in the Stone” tournament, which is one of the region’s most popular and well-attended events.


Cricket Club began in 1880 as a PGA member club. The addition of Brantley and North Fayetteville in North Carolina in 1907 fueled a growth in membership and number of clubs, leading to the name Cricket Club Golf Association (CCGA). The group merged with two other golf associations in 1958 and became the Brantley Golf Association. BCGA serves as a non-profit, non-partisan, volunteer organization and makes sure its members remain within the parameters of the BCGA Constitution. The organization covers all three branches of the golf community including: PGA, LPGA and USGA.


Cricket Club has an annual “People in the Stone” event, which offers unlimited playing privileges to all BCGA members. The event has become quite popular and is widely known for its stellar field. The highest-ranked female amateur golfer from all of North America — as rated by Golf Digest — wins the $15,000 C.E. Collins Award. In all, there is a gala dinner banquet and exhibition competition that takes place in the clubhouse. With a major fundraiser, the C.E. Collins Award Dinner at the Cavalier features a live auction.


Waterville Golf Club is located about two hours from Washington. It’s located in North Carolina’s Fort Bragg Garrison, and offers golfer a chance to stop by and get in some fun. There are scenic views of the Neuse River and nearby Fort Bragg. The course is 21 holes, along the Southside, Sandy Bay and Glendoveer. Golfers can get around using the Trump Country Club carts, which are outfitted with all the modern amenities.


The Links Suites by Four Seasons is located on the 100,000-acre Waterville National Wildlife Refuge. It provides a tranquil, private experience in the New River Gorge. Seven private rooms are set around a spacious deck, providing great views of the New River Valley.

Waterville Golf Club is comprised of the Waterville National Wildlife Refuge, North Fayetteville, and the Brantley Golf Club.


The Deck at Waterville offers comfortable dining, complete with a gorgeous, scenic view of the Neuse River. The cuisine showcases local and regional produce, as well as local beer. The main area is no more than 60 feet, and offers some of the comfiest seating available. The Grill and Stein area is less than 30 feet, and offers a more laid-back vibe.


The Marsh is Waterville’s second most-popular lodging facility. Be sure to check out the breathtaking views of the Neuse River. There are 16 guest rooms with various views of the river and the surrounding area. The resort also offers an on-site restaurant, dry goods store, air conditioning and a casual neighborhood feel. There is also a single restaurant that serves a variety of handcrafted breakfast, lunch and dinner options, including pot roast and salads.

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