Dear Jeff: God and the All-Seeing and All-Knowing

Jeff Presnell. (Courtesy of Ursus.)

Jeff Presnell is pastor of the Erie, Pa., West Side Free Mission. He is the author of many books, including The Burning Well, Cows 4 Life, Grass to Juice and Why We Should Never Trust No Man.

Today, we’re deeply indebted to Jeff for sharing his deep belief in the free will of each individual and in the partnership of society, based on the ethical principles of justice, openness, and integrity, especially through the One Creator. Jeff’s love of humanity and culture, and his passion for serving the human family are of paramount importance, but his faith in human dignity and intelligence can, and does, inspire much more. His work for God — and, implicitly, for the human community — is a vital illustration of how faith and love can liberate us all, whether our praxis is benevolent social ministries or advocating for sustainability and democracy.

Today, we all need to rejoice and reflect on this week’s World Columbian Exposition. Jeff suggests the celebration, which runs through February in Chicago, is a good way to look back at this idea that all are created in the image of the Creator — the Earth, the Seasons, the Human Family.

It is a beautiful view and a hopeful vision.

Dear Jeff,

To be fair, we know Jeff speaks with a lofty and majestic authority. We also know Jeff Presnell is not a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — i.e., an orthodox Christian church, though we appreciate the sacrifice the Mormon church has made in this way. You would never know that from reading Jeff’s writings, but we know that, if he wants to speak to you directly, he can. Or, to be more specific, your pastor would certainly be happy to serve you in a healing conversation.

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