Flight booking and other faux pas

Written by by Edited by Catherine Awasthi, CNN

(CNN) — People have been asking themselves when and how they’ll make the official transition from airplane to airplane. First off, I will not fly on a plane without using my cell phone, though I can’t foresee many life-changing events — like me getting engaged — that will result in me needing to speak on the phone, and be, at some point, at an event that I’m invited to or within earshot of, while in flight.

(The thought seems ludicrous, but I am one of those writers.)

Sarah Tew, senior writer at New York City-based Wired says, “On the one hand, I think its probably inevitable that mobile phones will make their way to the skies — carriers are poised to offer them… on the other hand, their availability could be bothersome.”

Here are her thoughts:

Bill Santana, founder of RyersonOasis.com, which encourages corporate travelers to minimize stress and use greener travel alternatives. “Since it’s a temporary visit, I think the most intense noise is the cheerleaders from the cruise ships, or the frequent announcements from the entrance gates of the airports.

“But if you’re in a city where you have airport noise or a subway system that doesn’t work, like I do when I fly to NYC, the commotion on the phone will be mind-numbing. You’re in a totally new location, a totally new experience. It’s a double whammy. It is, and should be, counter-productive. That’s the value of not using it.”

Virgin America admits all of its customers are given headsets before their flights to ensure they can make calls.

Rachel Kaye-McKenna , Travel and Adventure Editor at CNN spoke with Virgin America “that all of its customers are given headsets before their flights to ensure they can make calls.” (For that matter, anyone who travels on Virgin America has free in-flight Wi-Fi).

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