Fox News host to Joe Biden: ‘You can’t take you seriously as a presidential candidate’

Hours after former Vice President Joe Biden announced that he was taking a second look at a presidential run, the Fox News host Greg Gutfeld weighed in.

“He’s not running and for good reason,” he said. “Everyone in the country knows that we can’t take him seriously, he’s a 2016 bomber pilot but as a presidential candidate, he’s got ‘F’s in rocket science, right?”

Gutfeld, appearing in the middle of a segment on one of President Trump’s White House and NFL picks, went on to criticize Barack Obama’s former vice president for his failure to take a serious approach to serious policy.

“Yeah, he almost went to jail, but … how many intelligence leaks did you catch?” Gutfeld said of his investigations into Biden’s substance abuse. “How many 2016 bomb-planes and pedestrian-body-bags did you capture in general?”

Andrea Tantaros, a Fox News contributor, reinforced Gutfeld’s criticism.

“He has demonstrated over and over again that he is a crisis politician and a world-class neurotic,” she said. “He’s nothing but a tenuous and fragile center-left politician. He can never win the general election.”

Gutfeld, speaking in the on-air Trump parody “Fox & Friends” segment, cautioned Biden not to believe all the “hot air” from the mainstream media about him.

“But you got more media control than ever!” he told Biden. “Look at your Twitter feed right now, it’s like you created a whole Facebook page for yourself.”

See the clip here:

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