Keanu Reeves shows he’s just as good-looking in new Matrix Revolutions trailer

The trailer for the newest film in the ‘Matrix’ series was unveiled in Japan on Thursday

Keanu Reeves is showing he’s not as old as he looks in a brand new look at the upcoming film The Matrix Revolutions.

Directed by Sir Ridley Scott and to star Elijah Wood, Carrie-Anne Moss and Katee Sackhoff, the new trailer for The Matrix Revolutions was unveiled in Japan on Thursday.

The film set the screen on fire with images of people who look just like Keanu in 1980s-style kung fu training routines as the actor remained body-popping to the music “Kung Fu Fighting”.

Keanu playing a slouched nerd, a junkie having an attack of the shakes

Fans of the popular film series might even catch a glimpse of what happens in the final film of the trilogy.

After a minor mishap with a light bulb, Wesley notices that it may be the last light in the dark world. Using the situation to his advantage, Trinity tries to get Michael’s head to free him and save him from going crazy. With the help of Neo’s secret ID and information sent to him through the computer, he uses the human resources of his staff to get the head shot of Michael Neo to use against him.

The Matrix Revolutions is set to be released on 5 November, 13 years after the final instalment of the trilogy.

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