Let’s hope this isn’t another Kathleen Wynne moment for Canadian health care reform

Great news: Health Minister Kelvin Goertzen and his staff just released their final and biggest contingency plan for tackling the crisis in Manitoba that could lead to doctors leaving the province or being unable to provide effective care to the public, so they’re doing something about it now.


Great news, too, that the province’s payment model, and the willingness of doctors to accept it, remain a key goal of the plan.

Great news, again, that Goertzen finally admits that life with a billing squeeze is unsustainable, and says he’s heading to the Manitoba legislature with a “road map to fix it.”

Great news! The Premier of Manitoba and his Government have listened to the concerns of Manitoba Health and have agreed to contribute an amount to overcome the existing deficits in the Manitoba province and health care system.

Great news, again! It looks like the government is taking their responsibility to protect the health care system seriously, and not just joking about committing to fixing it.

Great news! The government of the Great White North of Canada has always treated their health care system seriously.

Great news! Manitoba is under no illusions that reforming its provincial health system is going to be easy, but their plan is ambitious, and the provincial government is prepared to implement it.

Great news! At least the government has demonstrated that its plans are purposeful, and they know that modern health care is always going to be a challenge.

Great news! Manitoba has a history of providing adequate health care and providing it to people who need it; and with this plan, they plan to uphold that history.

Great news! If the government had a plan, they were prepared to move toward it, and to enact it in a way that ensured public health care remained a key priority of their government.

Great news! Manitoba has a long and proud history of providing adequate and accessible health care; and it is moving in the right direction.

Great news! This plan demonstrates that it’s possible to meet Canada’s future health care demands while maintaining the funding levels of today.

Great news! There is a plan to improve Manitoba’s health care system.

Great news! There is a plan to improve the health care delivery systems in Manitoba.

Great news! If we do nothing, we will have to continue spending more and more money to maintain what we already have.

Great news! Winnipeg is home to the Canadian Research Centre for Mental Health Policy, and there are people studying and debating every aspect of health care, no matter how little or how big a problem it may be.

Great news! Manitoba already has some of the best trained health professionals in the world, and they’re collaborating with experts in our neighboring province, or further north in the Northwest Territories, to figure out how to better support and develop Canadian health care.

Great news! Manitoba has an outstanding health care system; the things that get the attention are the things they haven’t done yet.

Great news! As it is, life expectancy in Winnipeg is the third highest in Canada, and the health conditions of a typical Manitoba resident who isn’t already retired are among the best in Canada and the world.

Great news! You can go to Winnipeg; it’s a super-cool place with lots of things to do in the city, not to mention beautiful countryside all around.

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