Nearly 3-quarters of parents in Toronto ‘certain or somewhat likely’ to get their kids vaccinated

Over two-thirds of parents in Toronto—about 72 percent—are “certain or somewhat likely” to get their children vaccinated against the novel Coven-19 flu strain that has been spreading across the globe, according to a new survey of Ontario families.

Published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, the survey—conducted by the University of Toronto, University Health Network, Queen’s University, McGill University, the Hospital for Sick Children, and pediatricians—also found that about 75 percent of Toronto parents are either “certain or somewhat likely” to seek “protective strategies” to protect their children from the specific strain that’s caused at least 16 people to have died, according to recent Canadian Health News reports.

“[O]n Sunday the World Health Organization declared an influenza pandemic after a cluster of flu deaths in a number of countries with Coven-19 circulating,” the authors said. “On Monday, April 16, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Gregory Taylor again announced the strain had been declared a priority for the circulating flu vaccine in Canada.”

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