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A right-of-way signal is none of my business.

I suppose that this led me to have my bike stop at red lights. I’ve had my bike stopped by wires and posts. Then when there is a police vehicle in the area, I stopped.

I left that garage without changing gear. I knew that in the future, I would have my bike stopped by bollards.

I’m going to stick with my car and my gear.

Brad Baker

Bakersfield, California

And finally …

I just finished reading JL Auden’s celebration of life. “Only you can prove that an end is up. Because in actuality, when things are done that are worth doing, they go on forever,” it says. I would add: “Because someone will always come along and complete your all-important work.”

Pam Hill

Ypsilanti, Michigan

Take your car to the garage instead of your bike!

In Sweden, everyone rents a bike for regular use rather than driving a car. I enjoy cycling to work. If I had a car, I would rather hire it, of course, but it’s nice not having to buy one. On a serious note, we have recently developed a national bicycle network where all the roads are all bike-friendly and walkable. There are stations where people can put their bikes in a lock and leave them when they are finished. I have been in other countries that don’t have this kind of infrastructure and I find it frees up a lot of land for other needs like housing. With very limited space, it’s better not to take up more space than you need and it seems to be working very well in Sweden.

Frida Ebner

Nõmme, Sweden

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