Pressley’s bill on @realDonaldTrump harassment: Protects Rep. Waters and Muslims

Pressley said she wrote the resolution and introduced it last week with 46 co-sponsors. It demands that Congress and the Department of Justice “fully investigate all threats, harassment, and violence directed at Rep. Maxine Waters.”

The American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts also is planning to put out a report detailing the incidents which has so far included the hashtag #FreeRepDawn.

Among the incidents that Pressley referred to in a statement announcing the resolution are actions taken by the city of Orange, California, against a Muslim woman who posted a video on social media last week in support of Waters.

The city, citing “security concerns” removed the video as public warning, but Pressley and others are calling for the post to be restored “as soon as possible.”

In Texas, billboards were pulled from the town of Newman, where a woman has said anti-Muslim acts like the man who was charged with assault on a Muslim woman last week “made her scared to leave her house” and she “stopped going out to buy groceries for a while.”

As The New York Times reported Saturday, Breitbart News wrote a column that attacked Waters for using her platform to attempt to “Islamize America” and accused her of falsely suggesting “that all American Muslims are potential threats to the country.”

The Republican National Committee issued a statement Saturday against the resolution , saying it’s “embarrassing and just wrong” to “call out statements that in no way represent the values of our nation.”

Congresswoman Waters is a true leader on this issue, and we need more public servants like her — not less. It’s a shame that these weak Democrats have allowed themselves to be bullied by the extremists, who have outed themselves as the deplorable leftist fools who hate America and our values. Most Americans support Maxine, and we’re glad she has such dedicated colleagues.

This reporter is Ester Blackwell of CNN’s New York bureau.


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