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“The most persecuted woman in the royal family” says Sarah, Duchess of York in stark statement to MailOnline, and former British Minister who spoke to her about Princess Eugenie’s wedding

After Friday’s royal wedding, Sarah, Duchess of York, who has endured her fair share of upheaval from failed marriages to scandal and a humiliating arrest for public drunkenness, put in her two cents on the monarchy and Friday’s big day.

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“As my heart broke over the news of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s wedding, I wanted to get the truth out,” she told MailOnline.

“I am not ashamed, I’m not embarrassed. I was the most persecuted woman in the royal family.”

Her husband of 26 years — former husband and father of her children Prince Andrew — is the first to accept Sarah’s integrity and talent, Sarah said.

Sarah said she had “haunted her daughters” for their safety.

“To this day, I’m the most terrifying helicopter pilot in England for her,” she said.

She said that despite never having lived with her children, she was the most present and appreciated mother in the royal family.

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