Senate vote likely to restore Catholic (and Christian) medical exemptions for school vaccinations

The senate has voted to repeal former Vice President Joe Biden’s controversial vaccination bill, a move that seems almost certain to clear the way for it to be reintroduced in 2022.

Biden’s law would have extended medical exemptions from mandatory vaccinations to all school children, bringing them in line with religious exemptions.

The Senate voted 55-44 against the repeal, though it doesn’t mean the bill won’t be reintroduced.

President Donald Trump had called for the repeal during the presidential campaign.

The bill was passed by the house of representatives in July 2017, but it never reached the senate because the senate had a large Democratic majority.

Republicans now control both houses of congress for the first time in more than a decade, and since Trump is against vaccinations, this will allow it to pass, despite those skeptical of them such as Vice President Mike Pence.

The move angered a wide number of schools across the country, many of which have already written a letter warning parents about the bill.

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