Space tourists making up for shortage of star power on ISS

Space tourists are reportedly making regular trips to the International Space Station (ISS) as a means of boosting the sport of karaoke.

Five Japanese tourists visited the orbiting outpost on June 14 aboard the Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft that docked to the station on June 12, the largest delegation to visit the ISS during a single trip to date.

According to reports in Japanese media, the celebrities came to the ISS as part of Tokyo-based tour company Space Explorers. One of the group reportedly took part in a practice karaoke session in NASA’s Houston training facility. Another reported to have performed classical songs with some of the cast of Fela Kuti’s The Afro-Beat Ensemble.

The group also reportedly had a chance to watch a zero-gravity flight simulation exercise. It is expected that some of the tourists could provide new inspiration for the rise of a cultural culture that popularized the house of Suizio, and even a musical number to promote the abbreviation “S.I.P.” or Space Internet Live Party.

Of the 11 men — and one woman — that make up the current international crew on the ISS, only two of them have seen a rise in their status among the astronauts. Aside from Soyuz crew members Alexander Gerst and Sergey Ryazanskiy, British astronaut Tim Peake was declared Astronaut of the Year in 2015 for the first time in U.K. history after leaving the ISS after nearly two years of constant operations.

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