Top-selling books in Canada in 2018

Those who love great adventure stories won’t want to miss the latest books to grace the literary bestseller lists. Read on to learn the top-selling books in Canada last week, and find out about each title to set your library on fire.

1. National Geographic Guide to The Canadian Rockies by Linden MacIntyre

2. The Scout by Chip Ward

3. Recovering Molly Brown by Cameron McConlogue

4. Unsheltered by Jeanette Walls

5. Gunman’s Day by Marie Sellard

6. In the New Gourmand’s Kitchen by Chris Bodenner

7. Savoring The Seasons: Travels from this Land of Trees by Darcy Shawn

8. Ninja Grand Master Class: From Japan to the English Riviera by Michael Kean

9. Animal Art: Laid-Back Meditations for the Busy Luncher by Brian Corcoran

10. Cactus Hot Sauce by Gigi Kolhoff

11. The Woman Who Found Darwin: A Biography of Janet Field Stevens by Donald Marshall

12. Will the Women Return? The Doctor Who Story by Bill Morris

13. A Year at Sea: A Portrait of Arthur Conan Doyle by Neil Gaiman

14. The Starlight Room by Douglas Coupland

15. Loving Death: Letters from the Minds of Sam Kinison, Cyndi Lauper, and Joan Rivers by The Washington Post

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